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任运生牧师,来自中国大陆, 2005年毕业于首都圣经神学院。自2003年始在海华郡中华圣经教会服侍,现任巴郡中华圣经教会牧师。任牧师渴慕神的话语,致力于传讲耶稣基督的恩典和活泼的生命之道。

Originally came from Mainland China, Pastor Yunsheng Ren graduated from Capital Bible Seminary in 2005. He has been serving in both Chinese Bible Church of Howard County (CBCHC) and Chinese Bible Church of Baltimore County (CBCBC) since 2003, and now as the pastor of CBCBC. Pastor Ren desires the Word of God and commits himself to preach the gracious and living Word of Jesus Christ. 

​长老 & 执事
  • 林锦源长老

  • 邹静长老

  • 黄俊执事

  • ​韩飞执事

  • 吴瑜琨执事

  • 冯舟执事

  • ​刘帅帅执事

  • 杨波执事

  • Elder Aaron Lam

  • Elder Jing Zou

  • Deacon Jun Huang

  • Deacon Fei Han

  • Deacon Yukun Wu

  • Deacon Zhou Feng

  • Deacon Shuaishuai Liu

  • Deacon Bo Yang

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